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Manchester City Swot Analysis Marketing Essay

Manchester City Swot Analysis Marketing Essay Presentation The undertaking is fundamentally about the two football crews from various football clubs. The thought is to make a key correlation between the two groups. The names of the football crews that have been taken for correlation incorporate the Manchester City Football club and Barcelona Football club. The group Manchester city is fundamentally from the English chief alliance while the group Barcelona is from the Spanish Division (Barcelona Soccer Institute, 2012). Both the groups have a decent notoriety in the Football business around the world. The point of the undertaking is to investigate the crucial vision articulations of both these clubs and contrast them with examine the relative viability of the two. This will give more data concerning who is the better side of both of them. Then again SWOT examination of the two groups will likewise be led and contrasted with see which group has the most qualities and openings accessible. Foundation AND HISTORY Manchester City Football club is essentially an English head class football club found and situated in Manchester. It was established in 1880 and was at first called West Gorton. At that point in 1887 they became Ardwick Association Football club and afterward they became Manchester City in 1894. Thisclub has played at the City of Manchester arena since the time of 2003, and have likewise played for Maine Road from 1923 too (Wikipedia, Manchester City F.C., 2013). the most treasuring and fruitful period for the club was in the late 1960s and the early piece of 1970s when they figured out how to win the group title, League Cup, FA Cup and the European Cup Winners Cup under the administration of Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer. In the wake of being vanquished in the FA cup last of 1981, the cup really went into the period of decay, absolutely coming full circle in assignment towards the third level of English football in 1998. This was the main time in their history that they went so do wn. In the wake of having recovered the status of chief class, the club was inevitably bought by the Abu Dhabi United Group and the club got one of the wealthiest on the planet. In the year 2011 the Manchester city club figured out how to fit the bill for the bosses alliance and had the option to win the FA cup. In the year 2012 the club figured out how to win the head class, which is additionally alluded to as their first association title in the previous forty years. Then again Futsal Club Barcelona is there from the rise of their football club in 1899. FC Barcelona, which is otherwise called only Barcelona or Barca is really situated in Barcelona Catalonia in Spain (Wikipedia, History of FC Barcelona, 2011). The group was really established by a gathering of English, Spanish and Swiss footballers, and this gathering was really driven by Joan Gamper. The club has been known to play novice football in the early years until 1910 in different rivalries that were territorial. It was likewise in 1910 that the club took part in the first of their European rivalries, and since that time the club has had the option to win 10 UEFA trophies and a sextuple. Continuously 1928 Barcelona helped to establish La liga which is the top level in Spanish football, and they likewise discovered some little string of football clubs also. Barcelona has never been consigned from La liga and share a similar record as one of their rivals known as the genuine Madrid. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Corporate administration is essentially an arrangement of rules, procedures and practices by which the organization is controlled and coordinated. The idea really includes adjusting the interests of the different partners in the organization. Taking a gander at the structure of both the football clubs, both are fundamentally the same as and follow a business arrangement of an open constrained organization. Manchester city Football club has been making some acceptable memories with the administration and all the partners of the organization are fulfilled (Corporate Info, 2012). The fundamental purpose for this is the administration of the football club intends to inspire the football players and fans for the organization, then again the players have faith in constant and quality. The primary point of this football club is to satisfy the desires for their fans and individuals. Then again Barcelona is one of the best clubs of the world. The club has faith in complete quality and advances many basic beliefs like solid eating routine, resilience, and sports for the crippled. Then again the club additionally denounces prejudice (Pont, 2011). The administration of the organization and the players has been confronting a few issues; thusly Barcelona neglects to adjust the interests of different partners of the organization. SWOT ANALYSIS BARCELONA FOOTBALL CLUB Qualities Barcelona has a solid neighborhood Brand name and the best club in Europe and Spain. The Camp Now arena of Barcelona has a seating limit more than 100000 Barcelona has the best players on the planet that are playing for their Team. The brands known as the UNICEF, Qatar Foundation and Nike are related Brands with the Barcelona Football Club. This implies the group has a standout amongst other brand supports on the planet. Shortcomings The group is known to have a great deal of discussions in the football matches. It is essentially from the lesser well known and popular clubs when contrasted with the clubs that are English OPPORTUNITY The club has the chance to expand their fan bases from the nations like china, USA and India. In the event that the Barcelona football club can concentrate on all the more publicizing and advancements then this will help the club a great deal in building brand value. Dangers Different clubs that are common in Europe are purchasing out the great players out of Barcelona. This can be lethal for the club in the event that they don't prevent this from occurring The club has detailed a ton of inner issues between the players and the board which can likewise represent a danger to the prosperity of the club later on. The club has been known to have a great deal of money related obligation since it has been engaged with the player moves of costly players. This can mess liquidity up to the club later on. MANCHESTER CITY SWOT ANALYSIS Qualities The Manchester city football club includes a neighborhood situating inside Manchester The club has a great deal of transparency and advancement in the division of culture. They permit players from all societies to demonstrate their value and join the club. The club has probably the most extravagant patrons when contrasted with different clubs. Shortcomings The club has a frail nearness in the city of Manchester in light of the fact that numerous different contenders are additionally well known here. The name of this club isn't very entrenched when contrasted with different clubs. The vast majority of the players playing in this club are normal players. Openings The club should higher better players and utilize the rich backers that they have. This will improve of the presentation of the club later on. The club ought to get more brand supports to improve the brand picture of the club. The club can higher the absolute best mentors far and wide given the way that the club is rich. Dangers Manchester United Football club is superior to Manchester City and is more well known in Manchester than some other football club. As the case with different clubs inner issues are common in this club between the administration and the Coach. The club ought to guarantee that the issues don't deteriorate later on. Chunk of ice PRINCIPLES THEORY The chunk of ice is essentially a model that not just thinks about the obvious consistent degree of the subject, yet in addition clarifies the imperceptible passionate degree of the subject (GmbH). The rationale level of the subject which incorporates the technique, structure, capacities and procedures as a rule represents 10% of the general human limit while the social level adds up to 90% of the human limit. Following is the sketch for a run of the mill Iceberg Theory. The structure of the ice sheet rule and its 5 procedure levels Vital LEVEL At the vital level Manchester city FC targets conveying the best quality football to its fans. They are fundamentally worried for elite and incentive for the investors of the organization. Then again the Barcelona football club professes to be truly outstanding on the planet and they guarantee that they are not only a club; they are in excess of a club. Auxiliary LEVEL The administration execution for Barcelona has been poor at the auxiliary level in light of the fact that the organization has brought about numerous misfortunes on account of costly player contracts. Then again Manchester city has one of the most extravagant supervisory group. The supervisory group compensates its players well indeed and their objective is quality execution for the fans. Procedure LEVEL Manchester city asserts that its basic beliefs incorporate serving the devotees of the football club by depicting superb execution. Their primary point is to make nonstop an incentive for its fans and the investors of the organization. Then again Barcelona means to work about by following the guiding principle including the treatment of sports as the point of convergence, supporting the vital plans of the club and investigating the new zones of financing for the club. The club likewise targets carrying the individuals closer to the club regarding action and correspondence. Practical LEVEL The presentation level of the representatives or the players of Manchester city has been extremely high in the present. This is on the grounds that they have as of late won the chief group without precedent for as long as forty years. In this manner, the exhibition level of the players has been astounding. Then again Barcelona has been battling as of late in view of certain conflicts between the administration and players of the club. Then again there have been numerous player moves from this group in the ongoing years which has influenced the group science somewhat. Anyway the group can possibly skip once more from such issues since it is perhaps the best club of the Spanish alliance. Social LEVEL At the social level Barcelona football club

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The 5 Stages of Recommending a Book to a Friend Who Will Never Read It

The 5 Stages of Recommending a Book to a Friend Who Will Never Read It This is a guest post from Corin Balkovek. As a child, Corin tried to find ways to look busy when she was actually reading a book. She still does that, but as a librarian, she has more luck pulling it off. Though I am as stereotypically bookish as a person can be (she types while wearing one of her pairs of book-themed socks she has received for birthdays, Christmas, and other gift-giving occasions), many of my friends just aren’t readers. Which I accept but don’t totally understand, much like I do with people who like to go on long, extended backpacking trips (so I have to haul everything I’ll need in with me, and then haul my own poop out in a bag? Nothankyouverymuch.) And as a lover of books and stories, I just want to share them with the people who are close to me, which means I’m often recommending books to people who will never, ever, never read the book. And I know that. But, I do it anyway. And much like the tragedies of life, these situations play out in a typical fashion: Denial Even though you’ve never seen them read a book, even though their bookcases at home only hold a small handful of books, most of which are either cookbooks or outdated travel guides from that one summer they vacationed in Bali or whatever, even though you know they haven’t read a book until they were assigned one in school, YOU KNOW they will love this book. It’s just so like them! It talks about all of their favorite things and in such a cool way that you almost want to memorize the better lines and then roll them out into your conversations with your friend so they think that you are both witty and deep, but don’t because you will mess it up and sound stupid and/or insane, or you are dedicated to being your most honest self. And maybe they don’t read because they haven’t found That Book yet, the one that will change their life. AND THIS IS TOTALLY THAT BOOK. I mean, it’s almost your duty to tell them about it: if you met the person who was their soulmate, you would be bound by friendship to tell them about it. WHAT IF THIS BOOK IS THEIR SOULMATE IN PAPER FORM? It’s not being annoying, it’s destiny. Text/email/handwritten note (lolololol, what?) with link to the book sent. Anger …Well, that response was underwhelming. Just a “cool, thx”? Do they think I’m just handing these recommendations out like tiny portions of lunch meat during sample day at Costco? I put real thought into this! I even summarized this one passage and connected it to a conversation we had that one time. THAT’S CALLED SYNTHESIS, DUDE, IT’S A MAJOR PART OF CRITICAL THINKING. That text/email/handwritten note (hahahahaha, yeah right) is practically an English lit essay in miniature form. I bet they didn’t even click on the link. Jerk. Bargaining What if I stop into the bookstore and just make sure that they have a copy, and then let them know it’s there. Their birthday is seven and half months away, I should just buy it and it can be an early gift! Maybe next time we are out and they go to the bathroom, I can sneak into their bag, find their library card, copy down the number, go to the library’s website, log in as them, and request the book be held for them so when they get the email they’ll go down to the library and be all “whaaa?” and then I can be all “SURPRISE!” (That’s not weird, right?) Depression Maaaaaaaan, I’m never going to geek out about this book with someone in real life. *gets on the internet* *finds book/reader-centric websites* *spends most of the afternoon reading reviews and discussion about book, responding to them in my head* Acceptance Ok, FINE. I’ll stop asking if you’ve read it. But you better stop asking if I’m going camping with you guys next month because girl, you know I’m not. Of course, sometimes, THEY ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK. Oh, glorious day! And when this happens, you get a special bonus stage: Smugness They text/email/send handwritten notes (ahahahahaha, c’mon now) as they work their way through the book, telling you their favorite parts, quoting the best lines. And sometimes, sometimes, they drop a “dude, I love this book!” And that when you get to say BITCH I TOLD YOU SO “Oh, I’m so glad you liked it” and order up a pair of book socks for them. After all, their birthday is coming up.

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Hr Website Reviews - 1407 Words

Human Resource Website Review For this website review of human resource websites, it will cover the websites and Each one of these websites is a great site to use as a resource for their own respective category inside of human resources. This review will compare the same questions to keep the measurements fair, and will provide screenshots to use as demonstrations to provide visions throughout the paper. The first website that will be reviewed is SHRM stands for â€Å"Society for Human Resource Management†. The mission and purpose of SHRM is to produce a community open to a wide range of customers including human resource professionals, governments, media, businesses, to talk about the human†¦show more content†¦The other human resource website I reviewed is IFEBP stands for â€Å"International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans†. The mission and purpose for IFEBP is to provide education and source of employee benefits, compensation, and financial education. ( This website plays an important role in human resources because it plays an important role in teaching employees and employers about benefits and compensation. Compared to the other website where it looked at human resources as a whole, IFEBP looks at a specific section within human resources. IFEBP serves to Canada, public employee, co rporate/single employer, multiemployer, and service providers. This means that a company can belong to this site where anyone can grant with access can look around, or people who are employees so they can further educate themselves. Companies may join this site to become more aware of trends, and how to have better employee benefit practices for the entire company. There are over 34,000 members who belong to IFEBP. ( Please see a screen shot below of all the different sectors. IFEBP is a non-profit organization, which has a nine-member executive member board that serves the company’s leadership roles. Roles range from President to Secretary. Also, a past President sits on the board. [pic] The IFEBP website offers educational programs and certificate programs to its members. TheShow MoreRelatedThe Human Resource Management ( Shrm ) Essay903 Words   |  4 Pagesalso need a connection to the local HR community, which membership in THCRA will provide. TCHRA will enable me to attend their events and conferences, which will provide me with networking opportunities. TCHRA also has a job board with available local HR jobs, which will be a useful resource to me as I begin my job search. Joining TCHRA is a simple process. As I am already, a student member of SHRM I can become a member by simply registering on their website. I will be doing his before the end ofRead More3HRC Activity 21052 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ 3HRC (HR) Understanding organisations and the role of Human Resources Activity 2 The following report contains information on how Human Resources can support the organisation with both internal processes and meeting key business objectives. Human resources and the services they provide can be seen as the crucial link between staff and the achieving the business goals and objectives. They are there to create, produce and maintain all policies and procedures. And more importantlyRead MoreCmgt 575 Week 5929 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity of Phoenix CMGT - 575 Assignment from Sylabus: Prepare a 2-3 page narrative of your HR integaration project to explain you approach to the project’s sponsor, Hugh McCauley. Assignment Clarification from Questions amp; Comments Thread: This should be a personal narrative of your experience while working through the various stages of the assignment, using MS Project, comments, what would you have done differently, etc. ATTN: Hugh McCauley Service Request 004 for Riordian ManufacturingRead MoreInternal Applicants Are Treated Equally As The External Candidates936 Words   |  4 Pagesit is recommended that management can post jobs on TV and radio advertisements, newspapers, websites among others taking advantage of all communication channels. Review Applicants and Develop Short List After position is posted, applicants should apply for the vacancy. In this case applicants are considered as the lot that apply during the first application period. All search committee members should review the applicants. This ensures that many individuals get access to their qualifications. ThisRead MoreCipd Assessment1105 Words   |  5 Pagesalso briefly describe how they were learned? 1 Helping to gain buy-in to the new HR model, through developing the roles and responsibilities for the important new HR groups and further advocating the case for the changes. Leading on the development and implementation of the People Plan which has provided the framework for guiding and managing the transition (downsizing, restructuring and reskilling) of the HR function – and aspects of the related changes required of managers and individuals asRead MoreA Case Study Of Recruitment And Selection Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pages Southwood School: A Case Study in Recruitment and Selection Nicole M. Flores University of Maryland University College HRMN 300, HR Case Evaluation 1 November 12, 2016 On my honor, I submit this work in good faith, and pledge that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment. I have read and understand the importance of maintaining academic integrity as explained in the Online Guide to Writing and Research: Moree-Recurting1637 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿e-Recruiting HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs. Online recruiting reduces organisational costs plus its quick and easy to do. HR managers and professionals can post job vacancies in minutes from anyplace location where every there is internet accessibility and can receive immediate responses from eligible individuals without a fuss. However, HR professionals need to understand how this process worksRead MoreWeb Technology Will Certainly Enhance Talent Attraction, Retention and Development in Organization. Discuss in Relation to Specific Hr Practices.867 Words   |  4 Pagesspecific HR practices. Introduction Talent acquisition, retention and development is becoming into the range as one of the most critical elements of Human Resource Management. For years, companies have struggled to capture market share through economization and downsizing, while growth had seemed to take a backseat. New technology and tools are now available to address attracting, developing and retaining talent. Talent attraction-Recruitment One of the most important practices of HR is recruitmentRead MoreThe Approach Of Standard Chartered Bank Essay851 Words   |  4 Pagescorporate bank with its headquarters in London. It has been operating in more than 50 countries with 60,000 employees of 100 different nationalities. The bank has been deriving most of its profits from Asia and other parts of Africa and Middle East. (SCB website, 2008) A couple of years back, as part of its SHRM improvement program; they have started remodeling their talent management activities. Geraldine Haley, group head of talent management and leadership development in Standard Chartered Bank, gave aRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics For Hiring Practices Or Procedures Based On Race, Religion, Marital Status, And1596 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Airlines Official Human Resources Website. All inquiries and interactions will be made to and from this site. These Positions can and will be posted on other websites, at Job Fairs, and the like, but the official job posting will be on the World Global HR site. Updates and interactions with these MBA 605 LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR #4 4 postings will be made on and through this website to allow all job seekers the same access to the

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Is The Social Environment Influence Type 2 Diabetes

Studies have shown that the social and built environment can play an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes and self-care behaviors (Christine et al., 2015; Gebreab et al., 2017; Pasala, Rao, Sridhar, 2010; Sidawi Al-Hariri, 2012; Smalls, Gregory, Zoller, Egede, 2014; Winkleby Cubbin, 2003). Social environment includes factors such as safety, violence, social disorder, social cohesion, and collective efficacy of the neighborhood (National Research Council (US) et al., 2013). Whereas, the built environment can be defined as â€Å"environments that are modified by humans, including homes, schools, workplaces, highways, urban sprawls, accessibility to amenities, leisure, and pollution† (Pasala et al., 2010, p. 63). Studies†¦show more content†¦Another cross-sectional study by Gary et al. (2008) explored whether perceived neighborhood problems (e.g., crime, access to exercise facilities, access to public transportation, trash and litter, lighting at nigh t, and access to nearby supermarket) were associated with health outcomes and behaviors among diabetic patients. The findings from this study depicted that more neighborhood problems were reported by individuals who lived in neighborhoods with higher poverty rates (33%) as compared to those who lived in neighborhoods with lower poverty rates (16%) (Gary et al., 2008). This study also found that individuals who reported more neighborhood problems were significantly more likely to smoke (15%) and had poorer control of blood pressure (25% 130/80 mmHg) in comparison to individuals who reported fewer neighborhood problems (Gary et al., 2008). Additional studies have provided evidence to support the notion that the built and social environment do have significant influence on the development of type 2 diabetes. For example, a population-based cohort study by Gebreab et al. (2017) examined the associations between neighborhood social and physical environments [(e.g., social cohesion, avai lability of favorable food stores (grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, and supermarket chains and non-chain stores), unfavorable food stores (convenience stores, liquorShow MoreRelatedIs Diabetes A Common Disease?1358 Words   |  6 Pagesdisease that we mostly discuss that causes illness to people’s health in our society is diabetes. It is believed that 50 percent of people living in Canada have been determined to have diabetes. Diabetes is a common disease that mostly occurs with people who are in old age along with specific group of individuals. Healthcare experts are trying to find ways to improve the healthcare of individuals with diabetes by anticipating ways by providing preventing and treatment measures for patients with thisRead MoreEssay about High Prices of Healthy Foods Prevents Control of Diabetes1247 Words   |  5 PagesMost of the individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes in these low income areas know they have to eat healthier foods in order to con trol the illness and reduce the risk of getting worse, but they are often confounded by the distance they had to travel in order to buy the healthier foods from the health market, unaffordable prices of buying a healthier nutritious food, and the means of travel to get to the market. Chaufan, Davis, Constantino (2011), noted that disproportionate risk is caused by livingRead MorePrevention Of Diabetes And Pre Diabetes Essay1604 Words   |  7 Pages Type II diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people in the United States and is also a disease that is continually growing in numbers. The cost of the individual and national health care systems is also a number that is growing. Policy for prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetes is something that while has changed some in the past, has been basically the same for the past 20-25 yeas. This disease affects many throughout the country, but effects those in the middle and lowerRead MorePrevention Of Type II Diabetes Policy Gap Analysis Essay1576 Words   |  7 Pagesalso a disease that is continually growing in numbers. The cost on the individual and national health care systems is also a number that is growing. Policy for prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetes is something that while has changed some in the past, has been basically the same for the past 20-25 yeas. This disease effects many throughout the country but effects those in the middle and lower classes due to the cost of eating healthier being greater than the alternative and also due to the factRead MoreIs Accounting For Ethnological And Structural Factors1313 Words   |  6 Pagestreatment of diabetes, including in Randomized Controlled Trials, and informs the â€Å"recognition of factors at the individual, provider, and health care system levels,† when providing diabetes care (Glanz, 2008, p. 426). The main purpose of the PRECEDE-PROCEED theoretical framework is to provide a framework for applying theories and concepts systematically in order to better plan and evaluate health behavior change projects (Glanz, 2008). The generalized steps of PRECEDE-PROCEED are: social assessmentRead MoreRelationship between Genetic Suceptibility, Obesity, and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes1133 Words   |  5 PagesTYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS (T2DM) This type of diabetes commonly occurs in the later stage of life but due to increase in obesity; it also occurs in young adult. Type 2 diabetes can be defined as insulin resistant and insulin deficiency in the blood stream. OBESITY Obesity can be defined as been overweight with excess accumulated body fat by subcutaneously and viscerally; resulting in a high body mass index (BMI) which has negative effects on health (Taylor et al, 2010). BMI is defined by dividingRead MoreInside Type 2 Diabetes Essay1735 Words   |  7 PagesType 2 diabetes is a very serious disease with many life threatening consequences, but if it is manage properly through preventative measures, diabetics can live a normal life. According to (Diabetes UK 2008) Type 2 diabetes can remain undetected for ten years or more and 50 per cent of people show signs of complications when diagnosed. It is therefore the responsibility of the individuals and the government to prevent the disease from developing. A lot of people do not realise that their weightRead MoreA Program For Encourage Diabetes Management And Prevention1454 Words   |  6 Pages Aisha Hanif Introduction St. John’s Well Child in Los Angeles has created a program to encourage Diabetes management and prevention. The program, established in 2008, aims to help patients manage their diabetes through weekly classes, educating them on maintaining healthy diets, self-regulating their blood sugar levels and creating daily exercise routines. The program at St. John’s follows many constructs of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM), a model that uses various stages and processes ofRead MoreNursing and Evidence Based Practice Essay861 Words   |  4 PagesStudies. The paper followed the research process and employed a qualitative phenomenological paradigm that explored the lived experience of thirty-two Swedish teenagers with type 1 diabetes who were transferring to independent self-care. The selected sample was 56% female, with an age range of five years, a wide range of diabetes duration (1-14 years) and varied extent of glycaemic control; illustrating a heterogeneous sample was recruited. Semi-structured interviews were utilised to generate data.Read MoreDiabetes : Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes1058 Words   |  5 PagesHector Bustillos June 21, 2015 FCS 247- Nutrition Diabetes As young kids we learn from our family environment self-care behaviors, including diet and physical activity. As of 2014, there are 29.1 million people in the world that are diagnosed with diabetes. (2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report) Diabetes is a disease that affects how your body produces insulin, which then affects your blood sugar. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is where someone does not produce insulin at all

My Super Hero Free Essays

My Superhero If I were a superhero, I would want to be like super woman. She can do almost anything she wants. I could fly, shoot laser beams through my eyes, have super strength, invisibility, and have super speed. We will write a custom essay sample on My Super Hero or any similar topic only for you Order Now My name would be The Bullet. [ (Your Super Hero Name) ] If I were a superhero, my powers would be flying, strength, laser eyes, invisibility, super strength, and super speed because then I could get places faster, be stronger, melt things with my eyes, and secretly be places without anyone else knowing. [ (Superpowers) ] If I were a superhero, I would be able to do almost anything I wanted without anybody having a say in it. I could cook my own meals with my laser beam eyes. I could save loads of money on gas by flying or running everywhere. I would also be super fit due to running or flying everywhere. Along with having super strength I would be able to also be a hero to anyone that needed help lifting things, or getting their kittens out of the tree, or any need anyone needed I could help them. If I was a superhero and my name was The Bullet, my outfit would be jeans and a t-shirt, because they are super comfortable and are casual. [ (Glamour Magazine) ] My t-shirt would be pink because my favorite color is pink. And my shoes would be running tennis shoes because they are my favorite to wear and most comfortable. If I was a superhero and my name was The Bullet, I would look casual to not stand out so badly in a crowd. My superpowers would include flying, strength, laser eye beams, invisibility, super speed, and super strength. Works Cited â€Å"Glamour Magazine. † August 2012. Superpowers. 22 August 2012 http://www. cracked. com/article_16449_7-people-from-around-world-with-real-mutant-superpowers. html. Your Super Hero Name. 22 August 2012 http://hawaii-five-0. proboards. com/index. cgi? board=otgeneral How to cite My Super Hero, Essay examples

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Othello Is a Victim Who Runs Ahead of His Tempter free essay sample

Othello is a victim who runs ahead of his tempter Othello is a powerful and thought-provoking play because it demands its audience to contemplate the very nature of humanity. The concept of mankinds inherent evil is explored primarily through the character of Othello. The audience is often left confused as to whether Othellos downfall can be blamed on his character or rather the inescapable evil of man. Of course, in Othello, Iago acts as a catalyst for the disastrous chain of events and can hence be credited with initiating Othellos change in nature. The main theme of Othello is that of mankind’s intrinsic evil. Shakespeare explores the idea that, despite outside influences, within all people lie unavoidable jealousy, mistrust and cruelty. Shakespeare considers this idea largely through Othello, who is originally characterized as loyal, loving and kind. This is demonstrated by the respect he commands in the presence of the Duke and senators and also be the obvious love Desdemona holds for him, refusing, even upon his threatening her with death, to renounce her love. We will write a custom essay sample on Othello Is a Victim Who Runs Ahead of His Tempter or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Shakespeare however provides two explanations for Othello’s transformation. The first being is that he is simply overly influenced by Iago’s evil, and the second being that all of mankind possess an inner immorality which cannot be held at bay, and to which Othello unfortunately succumbs. This innate element of humanity is defined throughout the play as a â€Å"monster†. Iago describes people as â€Å"not ever jealous for the cause. But jealous for they are jealous: ‘tis a monster. Begot upon itself, born on itself†. This use of metaphor highlights the horrific nature of this emotion that, like a monster, can completely consume its maker. Othello accuses Iago of acting â€Å"as of there were some monster in his thought. Too hideous to be shown†. This is ironic because Shakespeare is in fact using a premonition, in that he is also referring to the uncontrollable jealousy, or â€Å"monstrous thought†, within Othello, although it only later emerges. Othello’s response to Iago’s accusations of Desdemona as adulterous is â€Å"O monstrous, monstrous†. Axel Kruse, an academic who writes on Othello, claims this repetition of the word â€Å"monster† throughout the play is because of Shakespeare’s understanding of the need for obviousness and repetition of the main themes. However, the repetition of this powerful word also reinforces the concept of this so-called â€Å"monster† actually referring to humanity itself. The word â€Å"monster† encompasses all the flaws of man: cruelty, jealousy, suspicion and irrationality. Repetition is therefore a clever technique used to reinforce the idea of humanity’s inherent evil, constantly comparing it to an unrestrained monster. Othello’s death is also a tragic moment, where the hero of the narrative is reduced to one who â€Å"foams at mouth and†¦ breaks out to savage madness†. His ending forces the audience to consider whether this state of chaos and â€Å"irrational passion† (according to Axel Kruse) is in fact representative of the final illness of humanity itself. This concept of mankind’s intrinsic sin suggests that Othello is merely a victim of something greater and more powerful than himself, an evil that can be found in all people and is not just particular to Othello. Shakespeare also portrays Othello as weak in character, in that he succumbs to his doubts, acts irrationally and has a strong capacity for violence. By allowing the tragic hero to have quite obvious flaws, Shakespeare is demonstrating Othello’s ability to run ahead of his tempter because of his own hubris, rather than purely being a victim of humanity’s inescapable evil. This is evident in the play when Othello, referring to Iago’s accusations of Desdemona’s betrayal, says, â€Å"I’ll see before I doubt; when I doubt, prove†, followed shortly by Othello stating, in the same scene, â€Å"’Tis destiny unshunnable, like death†. Here, Shakespeare uses contradiction to enforce Othello’s rapid ability to descend into suspicion and malice. Originally, Othello is logical and wise in that he refuses to make accusations without substantial evidence. This statement however is shortly followed by Othello’s demonic accusation of Desdemona’s disloyalty. This rapid transition in Othello’s faith and security implies that his downfall can be partly blamed on his own inability to control his suspicions. Shakespeare uses simile in Othello’s speech, comparing Desdemona’s betrayal with death. This diabolic comparison is significant because it originated from Othello’s own doubts rather than Iago’s convincing. Othello’s capacity to abuse and undermine Desdemona with no proof of her suspected crimes is an example of his own distrustful personality, as opposed to the inherent nature of mankind. Shakespeare also considers the possibility of Othello’s past influencing his character, especially regarding relationships. Early in the play, Othello describes his childhood of military training and experience on the battlefield saying, â€Å"little of this great world can I speak more than pertains to feats of broil and battle†. Othello himself acknowledges his naivety when it comes to domestic life because of his harsh upbringing. Othello describes in detail his meetings with â€Å"Cannibals that eat each other and the Anthropophagi, men whose heads to grow beneath their shoulders†. Shakespeare uses hyperbole in order to enhance the audience’s understanding of Othello’s brutal past in order to somewhat explain his misunderstanding of his domestic situation and justify his quickness to anger and violence. By exploring Othello’s past in such depth, Shakespeare suggests that Othello has cause to run ahead of his tempter, as he has been raised in a militant manner that encourages and demands distrust and doubt. Shakespeare explains that, to some extent, Othello is a victim of not only humanity’s inescapable capacity for destruction, but also of his own past. Shakespeare explores racial prejudice as an explanation for Othello being both a victim of society and himself. There is some irony in the play in that Othello can seem to be at once the most heroic of men for rising to a position of power and influence, despite the racial discriminations of the era, and also as a â€Å"monster in hiding reveals himself in his threats to tear his wife to pieces†. This is an extract from Axel Kruse’s essay, where he explores Othello’s capacity to play both victim and villain simultaneously. Kruse articulates the ability for Othello to run ahead of his tempter because of his constant struggles against being viewed as an outsider, a threatening â€Å"figure of weird ugliness†. However, Shakespeare contradicts himself in that, while he advocates Othello’s ability to overcome racial prejudice, also blames Othello’s faults on his ethnicity. Emilia, enraged by Othello’s crimes, says of Desdemona, â€Å"O, the more angel she, and you the blacker devil†. Shakespeare is using metaphor here to highlight Othello’s flaws and compare and credit them to his skin colour. The reason for this may be that he sought to justify Othello’s actions by blaming his inferior ethnicity, a stigma of Shakespearean times. Shakespeare may also have wanted to satisfy the demands of an Elizabethan audience who despised racial difference in society and wished to see such stereotypes exhibited in theatre. By blaming Othello’s downfall on his ethnicity, Shakespeare is claiming that Othello’s irrationality in running ahead of his tempter is partly because he is a victim of his own skin colour. Shakespeare establishes early on in the play that Iago is Othello’s tempter, the manipulative character who sparks Othello’s doubt. Before Iago’s intervention, Othello was seemingly totally captivated and in love with Desdemona. However, Iago’s manipulation is extremely subtle, and it almost appears that, rather than Iago encouraging Othello’s rash actions, Othello himself is responsible for his own downfall. While Iago is the first to vocalize a suggestion of Desdemona’s disloyalty, it often seems that Othello is in fact the original source of his own distrust, and hence runs ahead of his tempter, Iago. This is evident where, upon Cassio leaving Desdemona’s side, Iago says, â€Å"I like that not†. Without further explanation, Othello immediately understands this to mean that Cassio and Desdemona have an illegitimate relationship. Axel Kruse’s paper furthers this idea, stating, â€Å"the implication is that some kind of suspicious jealousy is present in Othello’s mind from the beginning†. Kruse highlights a highly significant aspect of Act 3, Scene 3, where Othello says of Iago, â€Å"By heaven, he echoes me†. This is following an extraordinary conversation between Iago and Othello where it appears that Othello is almost talking to himself and furthering his own feelings of doubt rather than Iago planting the ideas in his mind. Kruse questions whether, at this point, Iago is replacing Desdemona in Othello’s mind and seducing him into a state of chaos. However, while Iago admits to playing the â€Å"demi-devil†, it seems more that Othello runs ahead of Iago in that it is Othello who establishes himself as jealous and revengeful. Shakespeare establishes Othello as a victim, of both human nature and his suffering under a prejudice society. Yet Shakespeare also manages to convince his audience that, while victimized, Othello can still be blamed for running ahead of his tempter, his tempter being both Iago and human evil itself. Othello’s flaws come to light far more rapidly than would be natural under the circumstances, and it is therefore clear that Othello is responsible for his weakness in character, and ability to run ahead of his tempter.